According to a study, the population of RJ has a ‘moderate’ level of English

A survey by EF Education First shows that Rio de Janeiro knows the importance of speaking English, but there is still a long way to go

Foto Cleomir Tavares / Diario do Rio

Rio de Janeiro is among the Brazilian states with the best levels of English proficiency, according to the ranking of stories released by EF English Live, the largest online English school in the world. Rio de Janeiro scored 509 points in the evaluation, which goes up to 800, and received a classification of mastery of the language as “moderate In all, the survey was attended by more than 2 million people from 112 countries where English is not their native language..”

The survey shows that the state is in tune with the importance of knowing English for personal and professional life. But, despite a good positioning, there is still a long way to go”, assesses Wagner Domingues, Country Manager at EF English Live do Brasil.

The best level achieved in Brazil was moderate, and Minas Gerais (534) is the state with the best index, followed by Paraná (532), Santa Catarina (527), the Rio Grande do Sul (526), and Distrito Federal (521). Rio de Janeiro (506), São Paulo (506), and Pernambuco (501) complete the ranking.


Regarding the global ranking, Brazil achieved seven points more than in 2020, going from 490 to 497, considered a “deficient” level by the evaluation. Even so, this elevation was not enough to improve the position in the ranking, considering that other countries had better scores. Therefore, the country was ranked 60th, behind Tunisia, El Salvador, Peru, and Iran.

In addition to crowding out many work and education opportunities, low levels of proficiency can also impact a country’s socioeconomic indicators. A nation that seeks development needs to invest in education and prepare its population for opportunities at a global level”, analyzes Wagner. The study further indicates that high proficiency rates are often accompanied by higher average income, quality of life, GDP, and increased investment in research and progress.

The first place in the ranking is the Netherlands, followed by Austria and Denmark. The three worst countries with deficient levels are the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, and, in last place, Yemen. The global results also show that Europe is the only continent with a very high regional average, although Spain and Italy still have a moderate level. In Asia, the standard for countries is medium; Africa and Latin America, low; and the Middle East is very low.


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