AquaRio, BioParque, and Paineiras offer discounts when purchasing combined tickets

The promotion is valid during January and benefits residents of the state of Rio de Janeiro and tourists

Foto Cleomir Tavares / Diario do Rio

The trip to AquaRio, BioParque do Rio, and Christ the Redeemer can be an excellent option for those who want to combine fun, contact with nature, and environmental education. In January, the three parks launched the “Super Vacation” combo that discounts the combined ticket rate.

The novelty is the combo that brings together the visit to BioParque do Rio and Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) through Paineiras Corcovado’s official vans! They entitle you to a boat ride in the Savana Africana environment; the BioParque do Rio site where you can see up close animals from the continent’s continent biomes, such as hippos, ostriches, antelopes, between others. In this modality, tickets start at R$39.90.

Suppose the option is to go to AquaRio. In that case, the combination of the trip between São Cristóvão Park and the “largest aquarium in South America” has tickets starting at R$99.90, with the boat trip included. It is also possible to schedule a visit to AquaRio and Christ the Redeemer, with a combo starting at R$69.90.



The attractions recommend the purchase of tickets in advance through the official websites and


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