Camarote + Brasil starts preparing for Carnival 2022

Camarote +Brasil will have a disco and shows, Beauty Center. kitchen led by Edson Alexandre and space for social actions

Alexis de Vaulx with samba dancers

Commander of Camarote +Brasil, located in sector five, French businessman Alexis de Vaulx met this Monday (1/10), at the Fairmont Hotel, in Copacabana, the partners of this mission. They talked about the services prepared for Carnival 2022 in Sapucaí.

Maia Arquitetura, responsible for all the decoration, will leave the interior of the cabin in tune with its theme: the exhibition “Carnaval de Rio,” currently on display at the Center National du Costume de Scéne, the only costume museum in the world, in Moulins (Allier ), in France. In partnership with the beautiful work of plastic artist Ângelo Campos, one of the 38 greatest contemporary artists today, visual identity and originality are guaranteed.

Camarote + Brasil will offer reflexology services and a Beauty Center, with five spaces for barbershop, hair, and makeup, in addition to the only kitchen under the command of chef Edson Alexandre, from Maxxima Gastronomia, with 15 years of experience in the cabins of the Sambódromo. The Kathmandu restaurant will offer oriental-inspired dishes.


At all intervals between the school parades, there will be attractions such as the Ginga Tropical group, the King and Queen of Carnival, Glaucio Cristelo’s rock piano, and a disco with DJs playing remixes from the ’80s and ’90s.

I consider Rio de Janeiro and its Carnival one of the Seven Wonders of the modern world! Our stateroom theme motif, and to celebrate life, is the ‘new normal. So, there’s nothing better than setting up a disco inside the cabin with all the energy of the ’80s and 90’s”, says businessman Alexis de Vaulx.


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