Health Secretary says flu cases are falling ‘expressively’ in Rio

Soranz defends that, in 2022, the vaccination campaign should be for the entire population and not just for priority groups, as it usually happens

Daniel Soranz | Foto: Rafa Pereira - Diário do Rio

This Tuesday (01/04), the Municipal Health Secretary of Rio, Daniel Soranz, said, in an interview with the “G1” news portal, that flu cases have been falling “expressively” in the city. According to him, the drop has already reached 82% compared to the first week of December.

The statement was given one day after the end of the flu vaccination campaign, which ended on Monday. The campaign set a record compared to 2020: “We broke the record for flu vaccination. We managed to block this flu outbreak precisely because the native of Rio de Janeiro adhered to the vaccine. There were 3 million Cariocas vaccinated — 600,000 more than last year”, he said.

Soranz argues that, in 2022, the campaign should be extended to the entire population and not just priority groups, as is often the case in Brazil.


In April, we start a new campaign. I have been advocating with the Ministry of Health that next year’s influenza campaign be the same as in other countries, not only for priority groups but for the entire population. This is an assessment that the Ministry of Health is still carrying out”, stated Soranz.


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