Health Secretary says vaccination reduced transmission of Covid-19 at Carnival in Rio

On the morning of this Wednesday (02/03), the municipal secretary of Health of Rio, Daniel Soranz, said that he does not expect a significant increase in the number of cases even with the parties held during Carnival and with the covert blocks in recent days.

He justified it, saying that the high vaccination coverage helped reduce contamination in the city. He also said that charging for the vaccine passport kept unvaccinated tourists away.

We saw many agglomerations during the carnival period, people getting together. The strategy of limiting the entry of tourists without vaccines in the city of Rio de Janeiro worked. He must present the vaccination passport to go to the main tourist attractions. It will certainly discourage the coming of unvaccinated tourists to the city, and we saw, with our vaccination coverage, that there was no increase in cases in the period ”, he said.

According to the secretary, the number of positive cases is decreasing. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) parameters, a rate of less than 5% of contamination among all states indicates control. He mentioned that last weekend, Rio reached a positivity of 3.9%.

Kiosks on Rio Beaches have a special schedule for this weekend

Orla Rio has released the week’s schedule with various activities ranging from events with country music and samba and sports activities, such as yoga, fit dance, and surfing. 

For this week, we bet on unique experiences so that regulars and visitors can enjoy the gastronomy of the kiosks, along with good music, and also enjoy and practice a different sport. We want to help everyone have a memorable summer 2022 with lots of cultural activity”, says João Marcello Barreto, president of Orla Rio.

Vai dar Praia is organized by Orla Rio and is taking more than 200 programs to the waterfront, including music events, cultural and sports activities, which need to be scheduled through the MUDE app.

Go to the Beach Service:

Date: until February 20

Time: sunset from 5 pm at selected kiosks, with DJ or street performers and sports in the mornings from 7 am

*Scheduling of sports classes is required through the MUDE app (Android and iOS), and the schedule may be canceled according to weather conditions.

Second week schedule:
01/13 (Thursday)
— from 6 pm — Arrastapé (Copacabana) — Sertanejo Show
— from 6 pm — Solaris (Copacabana) — Sertanejo Show
– from 6 pm — Skol Beach (Copacabana) — Aline Ramos Show
– from 18:00 – Chopp Brahma (Copacabana) – Live music

01/14 (Friday)
— from 6 pm — Chopp Brahma (Copacabana) — Live music
– from 4 pm — Samba Social Clube (Copacabana) – Samba Democratic
– 07h — Classic Beach Club (Ipanema) — Yoga*
– 5:30 pm — Kiosk Mangabeira (Arpoador) — Fit Dance *

01/15 (Saturday)
— from 2 pm — Okavista (Mirante do Leblon) — Sunset with musician GG
– from 18:00 – Morena (Copacabana) – Roda de Samba do Marcelin
– 10h — St Tropez Kiosk (Barra da Tijuca) — Surf *
– 5:30 pm — Subtle (Recreation) — Yoga*

01/16 (Sunday)
— from 1:30 pm — Samba Social Clube (Barra da Tijuca) — Grupo Samba Enredo de Raiz
— from 2 pm — Summer (Recreation) — All rhythms with Rita Moreira
– 07h — Space A (Leme) — Yoga *
– 5:30 pm — Kiosk Via 11 (Barra da Tijuca) — Body Weight*

Camarote + Brasil starts preparing for Carnival 2022


Commander of Camarote +Brasil, located in sector five, French businessman Alexis de Vaulx met this Monday (1/10), at the Fairmont Hotel, in Copacabana, the partners of this mission. They talked about the services prepared for Carnival 2022 in Sapucaí.

Maia Arquitetura, responsible for all the decoration, will leave the interior of the cabin in tune with its theme: the exhibition “Carnaval de Rio,” currently on display at the Center National du Costume de Scéne, the only costume museum in the world, in Moulins (Allier ), in France. In partnership with the beautiful work of plastic artist Ângelo Campos, one of the 38 greatest contemporary artists today, visual identity and originality are guaranteed.

Camarote + Brasil will offer reflexology services and a Beauty Center, with five spaces for barbershop, hair, and makeup, in addition to the only kitchen under the command of chef Edson Alexandre, from Maxxima Gastronomia, with 15 years of experience in the cabins of the Sambódromo. The Kathmandu restaurant will offer oriental-inspired dishes.

At all intervals between the school parades, there will be attractions such as the Ginga Tropical group, the King and Queen of Carnival, Glaucio Cristelo’s rock piano, and a disco with DJs playing remixes from the ’80s and ’90s.

I consider Rio de Janeiro and its Carnival one of the Seven Wonders of the modern world! Our stateroom theme motif, and to celebrate life, is the ‘new normal. So, there’s nothing better than setting up a disco inside the cabin with all the energy of the ’80s and 90’s”, says businessman Alexis de Vaulx.

Saturday has Lavradio Fair

The traditional Feira Rio Antigo (Lavradio Fair), held every Saturday at Rua do Lavradio, is back this weekend, January 15th. The program, canceled last week due to the increase in cases of covid, guarantees a complete tour: music, shopping – with hundreds of stalls that offer various products, from furniture to clothes and accessories to decoration objects – and good gastronomy, in addition to the architectural beauties of the centenary street.

The 1st Season of 2022 of Jazz at the Fair, which has guaranteed an extra charm to the traditional antiques fair, always at 4 pm, premieres this Saturday (15) with Massatrio, formed by Renato Massa, on drums, Marcos Nimrichter, on piano and organ, and Jefferson Lescowich on bass.

On the 22nd, Facundo Estefanell & Banda will debut on the Jazz at Feira stage. The Uruguayan Facundo Estefanell, a researcher of tango, candombe, and classical music, performs, on acoustic and electric bass, along with Cacá Guifer, on sax and flute, Douglas Bastos, on guitar, Tomas Leny, on piano, and Mario Lencina, on the battery.

And ending the 1st season, on January 29th, the incredible instrumentalist Guta Menezes will perform alongside Bruce Lemos on keyboards, and Bruno Repsold, on bass. Guta was a member of the women’s band, for 15 years, of the program Altas Horas, on Rede Globo, in addition to having participated in several albums such as Vittor Santos, Y. Popoff, Martinho da Vila, Durval Ferreira, Martinho da Vila, Roberto Menescal, Miele and Rio Jazz Orchestra. João Donato, Victor Biglione, Seu Jorge, and Orchestra of conductor Paulo Moura are some of the artists who had the instrumentalist’s participation in their shows. The musician has authorial recordings with the instrumental group Pindorama (Pindorama and Belas Artes and other stories) and participated in the group Ipanema Labs. She recorded CDs and DVDs of Nelson Motta’s 70 years. She made the Musical Elza and is currently part of the Maricá das Artes project, where she teaches.

Feira Rio Antigo runs from 10 am to 7 pm, with stalls offering various products, from furniture to clothes and accessories to decorative objects. And the atmosphere is even more relaxed with the exhibition of shopkeepers, antique dealers, exhibitors, and local bars and restaurants – where the public can enjoy a caipirinha, snack, or lunch –, which place tables and chairs outdoors.

Rio Antigo Fair
Rua do Lavradio
Every Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm
Phone: 98207-0222

1st Season 2022:
Saturday, January 15 – 4pm
Show: Massage. With Renato Massa on drums, Marcos Nimrichter on piano and organ, and Jefferson Lescowich on bass.

Saturday, January 22 – 4pm
Show: Facundo Estefanell & Banda

Saturday, January 29 – 4pm
Show: Guta Menezes Trio

Havaianas launches Biscoito Globo and Matte Leão collection


The official snack for locals, the Globo biscuit with Mate, will receive a Havaianas collection. Made in partnership with Globo biscuits and Matte Leão tea, there will be several products such as t-shirts, sarongs, eco-bags, thermos bottles, etc.

The partnership with the Globo biscuit includes a product line with a sandal model in the traditional Havaianas format, a short-sleeved t-shirt, and a bath towel, all in yellow and green, following the visual identity reference of the Globo packaging.

In partnership with the tea manufacturer, Havaianas created two models of sandals, apart from a short-sleeved t-shirt, sarong, eco bag, thermos, and a bath towel.

Like Havaianas, Leão and Biscoito Globo are brands that are part of the ‘beach ritual’ of thousands of Cariocas and those in love with the landscape and pleasant climate of Rio de Janeiro.” Mariana Rhormens, marketing director for Havaianas Brasil.

In the case of Leão, which celebrates its 120th anniversary of the brand, the Collab also starts the digital campaign ‘Bom Pra Quê?’, which will be launched on the 17th.

That I could only make a special collection of products with other brands that are as relevant as ours, such as Havaianas and Globo. Nothing is more authentic and Brazilian than the union of these three giants”, said Pedro Abbondanza, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Brazil, noting that Leão is an iconic and centenary brand.

Rio de Janeiro takes its first steps towards the Green Stock Exchange

The secretary of Economic Development at the City Hall of Rio, Chicão Bulhões, has a project to bring a new Stock Exchange to Rio de Janeiro. The project is not about competing with Bovespa, which would be insanity, but about having a stock exchange focused on the low-carbon economy and trading in green assets. The market for financial assets with environmental appeal is worth more than US$30 trillion. It is expected to reach US$53 trillion by 2025 — when a third of assets under management will have some ESG (environmental, social, and governance) appeal.

The first step has already been taken; the AirCarbon Exchange, a carbon credit trading platform based in Singapore, starts operating in Brazil in the first half of 2022. The information comes from the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.

Auctions of 10 million tons of credits originated in 30 national green projects will be held in Brazil, from clean energy generators to forest conservation. AirCarbon Exchange has its office in Rio de Janeiro, in partnership with the Brazilian BlockC, created a year ago by two Americans with experience in implementing commodity markets and stock exchanges in Asia.

For Chicão, “The year has already started with great news for Cariocas: our Bolsa Verde project is in full swing! This is another step towards the resumption of the role of Rio in the capital market and the green economy in our country!“.

Orla Rio launches activities calendar for the summer

With the arrival of summer and the resumption of tourism in the city, Orla Rio prepared a calendar of activities created especially for the season most loved by Cariocas. Since January 6th, the more than 300 kiosks located between Leme and Pontal have hosted more than 200 programs, including live music events such as singers Carlos Jacome, Larissa Henrique, Chris Carvalho, and Banda Do Disco ao Pop and DJ’s Tamires Dasinger and Rose Amorim, as well as sports and cultural activities.

We believe that this summer will be one of the centuries, with the resumption of tourism and also of spaces in the city by the Cariocas. And the ‘Vai dar Praia’ project was created precisely to celebrate the season and the return, providing unique outdoor experiences and contributing to making the 2022 summer the most memorable of all, with lots of music, sports, and gastronomy”, says João Marcello Barreto, CEO of Orla Rio.

Vai dar Praia also has a theme song of the same name, signed and performed by composer Ivo Meirelles and a podcast led by the musician. In the first program, Ivo met with names like MC Koringa, Andrezinho do Molejo, and chef João Diamante, from the Na Minha Casa restaurant. The episode is available on Orla Rio’s YouTube channel. For the next one, which will air on January 15th, Ivo will be with Andrezinho do Molejo, Buchecha, and his son, Ceejay. And, finally, in February, the third episode will feature Xande de Pilares, Sandra de Sá, and Zé Paulo Sierra.

The Vai dar Praia project also has weekly news bulletins about the summer that are shown on Orla Rio’s YouTube and TikTok profiles, with an agenda of events that will take place all over the beach, as well as gastronomy tips and activity reviews.

Service Vai Dar Parai (Going to the Beach):
Date: from January 6th
Time: sunset from 5 pm at selected kiosks, with DJ or street performers


06/01 (Thursday)
— from 6 pm — Mureta do Leme (Leme) — Carlos Jacome
— from 6 pm — Coisa de Carioca (Copacabana) — Chris Carvalho and the Banda Do Disco ao Pop
– from 6 pm — Rayz (Copacabana) — DJ Holiker
– from 1 pm – Owl Véia (Recreio) — Our summer Owl Véia with DJ Jonny K and guests

07/01 (Friday)
from 6:00 pm — Bells (Recess) — Sun sessions
Morena (Leme) — Live music Larissa Henrique

01/08 (Saturday)
from 6 pm — Sea of ??Copa (Copacabana) — Live music Larissa Henrique
– from 1 pm – Miami Beach Club (Barra da Tijuca) – Afternoon Miami Beach Club with DJ Tamires Dasinger

01/09 (Sunday)
— from 5 pm — Xodozin (Copacabana) — Sunset with DJ Rose Amorim
— from 2 pm — Lounge stop (Bar) — Pagode Show

Spanta Festival postpones the first weekend of concerts


The Spanta Festival, Universo Spanta, which would start this Thursday (06/01), has postponed its first weekend of concerts. It had already been announced that, as some professionals from the singer Lulu Santos’ team are with Covid and the artist could not perform, the opening would be postponed. However, this Thursday, the festival organizers announced that the concerts on January 7, 8, and 9, that is, this weekend, will also be rescheduled.

We have been in permanent contact with the health authorities and have intensified conversations in recent days. We have been listening to you too, but we have not always been able to position ourselves as quickly as we would like for all the complexity involved in carrying out a project like this. We share that we decided to postpone the shows this weekend, the 7th, 8th, and 9th, despite all the difficulties and complications inherent to this decision. The other events on our calendar are maintained, and we continue to follow the scenario with the health authorities over the next few days”, says the Spanta publication.

Spanta, in a publication, also stated that it hopes for a beautiful event to be held and hopes that from January 14th, it will be possible to start the festival.

We would also like to inform you that the attractions on the 7th, 8th, and 9th are being rescheduled for other dates in January, and we will communicate the changes throughout the day. To all the people who bought tickets for the postponed dates, rest assured; shortly, we will give you the necessary information. We only ask for understanding at response time. We have a team dedicated 24 hours a day to respond to all requests and queries”, he stated.

This weekend, there would be concerts by Lulu Santos, Luisa Sonza, Marina Sena, Gilsons, Duda Beat, Ferrugem, Zeca Pagodinho, Ivete Sangalo, Maiara and Maraisa, Paulinho da Viola part. Bia and João Rabello, Melim part. Ana Gabriela and OutrosEu, among other attractions.

1st Feira do Lavradio 2022 takes place on Saturday

The traditional Feira Rio Antigo, held every Saturday at Rua do Lavradio, Downtown, is back this weekend, January 8th, with the 1st edition of the year. The schedule guarantees a complete tour: music, shopping – with hundreds of stalls offering a variety of products, from furniture to clothing and accessories to decorative objects – and good cuisine, in addition to the architectural beauties of the century-old street.

The 1st Season 2022 of Jazz na Feira has guaranteed an extra charm to the traditional antique fair. Always at 4 pm, it opens this Saturday (8) with three titans of the great Brazilian music scene: Marcos Ariel (keyboards), Victor Bertrami (drums), and Ney Conceição (bass). Marcos Ariel Trio promises an afternoon of surprises and genre improvisations. A show with a poignant performance.

Rio Antigo Fair
Rua do Lavradio
Every Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm
Tel.: 98207-0222

Season 1 2022:

Saturday, January 8th – 4 pm
Show: Marcos Ariel Trio

The First Edition of the Carioquíssima fair in 2022 takes place this weekend in Tijuca

This weekend, the traditional creative economy fair Carioquíssima returns to Tijuca for its first edition in 2022, which takes place on Saturday (01/08) and Sunday (01/09) at Rua Mariz e Barros, near Praça Afonso Pena. Altogether, there will be 60 exhibitors from segments such as fashion, gastronomy, art, and design selling their products, which are 100% handcrafted.

For children, there will be attractions such as slime, painting, and t-shirt workshops, in addition to the famous inflatable park. As for the musical part, Carioquíssima will have DJ Corello on Saturday, and the band Notturnia, on Sunday, as main attractions, in addition to resident DJs Andreriot and Costenplatte.

Feira Carioquíssima – 1st edition of 2022

Bar do Omar returns to work this Thursday.

Closed since the beginning of the pandemic, Bar do Omar is back in operation this Thursday, 06/01. Located in Morro do Pinto, in the Port Area, the establishment opened in 2009 and has become a success in Rio de Janeiro in recent years.

The samba circles, the varied and tasty menu, and the political bias declared at the place – from the left – helped a lot in the popularization of the Bar, which the founder’s family manages, Omar Monteiro.

Bar do Omar is located at Rua Sara, 114, in Santo Cristo. The reopening of the space will be at 5:13 pm – could anyone guess why the 13th? That’s the PT (Brazilian Labour Party) number from former president Lula.

Sobrado da Cidade, in downtown Rio, launches a new menu.

Opened in August 2021, the Sobrado da Cidade restaurant, located in downtown Rio de Janeiro, is launching its new menu. In addition to adding new dishes, the establishment also researched to insert historical information.

One of the owners, Carla Teixeira, said that, during the research, she discovered that Dom Pedro II was a collector of menus, having a collection of more than 1,200 menus. He was crazy about chicken soup, so much so that he insisted on having a piece of soup in between of the plays.

With this discovery in hand, we are going to launch the dish in honor of the bicentennial that will be a chicken in brown sauce. The Sobrado is adjusting increasingly to its proposal of seasoning food with history,” she said.

On the new menu, next to each dish, there is a “second name” with a historical reference, for example, Tartare with potato chips – Companhia Salinas de Navegação; Mignon medallion with a thousand potato leaves – Barão de Peixoto Serra; Salad – DNA Leopoldina Adelaide de Guimarães; between others.

The menu itself has a brief explanation of the names: “All the names of the main dishes refer to residents or the names of people who had businesses that this mansion housed. The names of desserts are from products that were once sold in the property “.

Sobrado da Cidade
Rua do Rosário – 34 – Downtown – Rio de Janeiro (next to CCBB)
Monday to Wednesday from 11 am to 6pm
Thursday to Saturday from 11 am to 8pm
Sunday 11 am to 5 pm.
Accepted: credit cards – debit – meal ticket – pix
150 seats.

1st edition of the IPCA Afro Cultural Fair takes place this Sunday in Lapa

This Sunday (01/09), the 1st edition of the IPCN’s Afro-cultural Fair takes place. The event will bring together Afro-Brazilian entrepreneurs in the leisure area formed between Avenida Mem de Sá, 208 and Rua Ubaldino do Amaral, in Lapa, downtown Rio, from 10 am to 6 pm. The event is organized by the Institute for Research of Black Cultures (IPCN), and admission is free.

The public will have at their disposal products from gastronomy, handicrafts, plastic arts, clothing, literature, as well as attractions such as storytelling and musical groups with chorinho and samba circles. For Afro entrepreneurs, an interest-free credit line with 24 months for payment will be presented.

One of the children’s activities is storytelling, with the writer Pituka Nirobe, author of the books “Kabula e Ketula”; “Ed Nandyala” and “Pedras Pedrinhas e Pedregulhos,” at 10 am, at the opening of the fair. At 14, Ianna Fletcher will release the book “Lindas Nuances,” accepted for the Vienna Cultural Festival in Austria and with a presence at the Weltmuseum Wien. At 3 pm, Giselle Santos will launch her “Stop! You are not a fraud.” The three authors will do autograph sessions. Throughout the day, the attractions take turns on stage. One of them will be the chorinho group “100% Suburbano”. In total, the event will have 40 exhibitors.

Casa Milà: a piece of Barcelona in Rio de Janeiro

Taking the city of Barcelona as its inspiration, Casa Milà offers an environment that mixes art, innovation, and diversity in a charming and extraordinary space, in the heart of San Salvador Square, in Laranjeiras. Creating a “trip” beyond gastronomy, the restaurant aims to be an art gallery, combining cuisine with artistic interventions, also offering culture to diners.

During an exchange in Spain, Lucas Leal, a partner at the site, had the idea of ??opening a venture with Catalan references. The name even comes from Barcelona’s “Casa Milà,” known as “La Pedrera” — a classic building designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. And to command the kitchen, Leal invited the renowned chef from Minas Gerais, Fernando Almeida.

And for the menu, Fernando bet on creative options for dishes, salads, appetizers, and burgers. To start, be sure to try the traditional croquetas de Jamón (R$ 32 – 4 units); Patatas Bravas (R$ 28), aioli potatoes with spicy paprika; Gambas al ajillo (R$ 62), shrimp in garlic and oil, with Sicilian lemon and breadbasket; and Porca Miséria (R$ 48), five pork cuts, wrapped in cheese and breaded in a particular house flour.

Those who want to go easy can choose between the Quinoa Mediterrânea (R$ 44), mixed quinoa, green leaf mix, cranberry, grilled carrot, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes salads; Cimini (R$54), VM shrimp with a blend of green leaves, grilled fennel, artichoke, and tomato confit; Milà (R$ 48), boyfriend chips with aromatic herbs, a mix of green leaves, grilled grapes, grapefruit segment, roasted tomatoes, and olive oil.

Among the main suggestions, a highlight is the Paella for two (R$ 230), with senia rice, octopus, squid, and shrimp sautéed in La Masia olive oil with mussels, smoked seafood, peppers, and Spanish saffron; Spanish Octopus (R$ 85), octopus tentacles sautéed in La Masia olive oil and garlic, accompanied by Catalan rice. Brasileiríssimo (R$ 68), baked whiting accompanied by mashed plantains, with açaí farofa and black-eyed bean vinaigrette; Tornedor São Salvador (R$85), mignon shaper, wrapped in a Parmesan crust with aromatic herbs, in a Dutch mustard sauce, accompanied by Jamón risotto and cheese; and Barley à Moda (R$ 48), barley with shitake, shimeji and Paris mushrooms, leeks, tomato confit, and arugula.

Hamburger fans have a turn too. The house offers three options: Hamburguesa de Carne (R$ 56), flank steak blend, beef breast, pork belly, and bacon, with salad and special sauce, on crackled bread, accompanied by fries; Hamburguesa de Costilla (R$ 56), pork rib blend with Minas sausage and bacon, with cheese, lettuce, onion pickles, and special house sauce, on cracked bread, accompanied by cassava chips and even vegetarian, with Hamburguesa Vegetarian (R$50), a veggie blend of red quinoa, carrots, and zucchini, with almond pesto, roasted tomatoes, and arugula, on cracked bread, accompanied by fries.

To finish, Crema Catalana (R$ 24), delicious Catalan cream with cinnamon sticks and lemon rind, with a bit of caramelized sugar crust; Churros with chocolate ganache (R$ 26); and Thousand leaves filled with brigadeiro de paçoca, creamy dulce de leche and flambé strawberry.

The drinks list is diversified, with the best wine and beer labels being available and authorial and creative drinks.

Casa Milà
Address: Rua Esteves Júnior, 28, Laranjeiras
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 pm.
Phone / WhatsApp: (21) 99574-5830
Capacity: 70 seats

Flybondi resumes operations in Rio


Rio de Janeiro once again has direct Flybondi flights departing from Buenos Aires. The operation was resumed last Sunday (2/1). The Ezeiza-Rio de Janeiro route was resumed with two flights a week, and in the second fortnight, it will reach four, with ticket prices starting at R$ 614. Information is available on the Mercado & Eventos website.

“We are delighted to fly to Brazil again; it is a market to which we have been committed since the beginning and which has always received us very well. We are excited by choice of Argentines and Brazilians choosing to travel with us. We are already flying to three destinations: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Florianópolis. We are studying adding more routes and frequencies throughout the year”, commented Mauricio Sana, CEO of Flybondi.