Kiosks on Rio Beaches have a special schedule for this weekend

Organized by Orla Rio, the Vai dar Praia project will bring more than 200 activations to the kiosks this summer.

Clássico Kiosk at Ipanema | Rafa Pereira - Diário do Rio

Orla Rio has released the week’s schedule with various activities ranging from events with country music and samba and sports activities, such as yoga, fit dance, and surfing. 

For this week, we bet on unique experiences so that regulars and visitors can enjoy the gastronomy of the kiosks, along with good music, and also enjoy and practice a different sport. We want to help everyone have a memorable summer 2022 with lots of cultural activity”, says João Marcello Barreto, president of Orla Rio.

Vai dar Praia is organized by Orla Rio and is taking more than 200 programs to the waterfront, including music events, cultural and sports activities, which need to be scheduled through the MUDE app.


Go to the Beach Service:

Date: until February 20

Time: sunset from 5 pm at selected kiosks, with DJ or street performers and sports in the mornings from 7 am

*Scheduling of sports classes is required through the MUDE app (Android and iOS), and the schedule may be canceled according to weather conditions.

Second week schedule:
01/13 (Thursday)
— from 6 pm — Arrastapé (Copacabana) — Sertanejo Show
— from 6 pm — Solaris (Copacabana) — Sertanejo Show
– from 6 pm — Skol Beach (Copacabana) — Aline Ramos Show
– from 18:00 – Chopp Brahma (Copacabana) – Live music

01/14 (Friday)
— from 6 pm — Chopp Brahma (Copacabana) — Live music
– from 4 pm — Samba Social Clube (Copacabana) – Samba Democratic
– 07h — Classic Beach Club (Ipanema) — Yoga*
– 5:30 pm — Kiosk Mangabeira (Arpoador) — Fit Dance *

01/15 (Saturday)
— from 2 pm — Okavista (Mirante do Leblon) — Sunset with musician GG
– from 18:00 – Morena (Copacabana) – Roda de Samba do Marcelin
– 10h — St Tropez Kiosk (Barra da Tijuca) — Surf *
– 5:30 pm — Subtle (Recreation) — Yoga*

01/16 (Sunday)
— from 1:30 pm — Samba Social Clube (Barra da Tijuca) — Grupo Samba Enredo de Raiz
— from 2 pm — Summer (Recreation) — All rhythms with Rita Moreira
– 07h — Space A (Leme) — Yoga *
– 5:30 pm — Kiosk Via 11 (Barra da Tijuca) — Body Weight*


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