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Latest news

Health Secretary says vaccination reduced transmission of Covid-19 at Carnival in Rio

Scientific Committee and experts will meet on Monday to define flexibility in the use of masks in closed places and the “vaccine passport”

Rio Mayor Says City Will Invest in Bitcoin

During Rio Innovation Week, Eduardo Paes said that 1% of Rio's Treasury would invest in crypto assets, making the city a pioneer

Kiosks on Rio Beaches have a special schedule for this weekend

Organized by Orla Rio, the Vai dar Praia project will bring more than 200 activations to the kiosks this summer.

Rio mayor talks about banning beer for non-vaccinated

In an irreverent tone, Eduardo Paes said that he will be inspired by the province of Quebec, Canada, which has forbidden marijuana and alcohol for those who have not been immunized against Covid-19.

Camarote + Brasil starts preparing for Carnival 2022

Camarote +Brasil will have a disco and shows, Beauty Center. kitchen led by Edson Alexandre and space for social actions

Saturday has Lavradio Fair

This Saturday's Feira do Lavradio has, in addition to the stalls, the Jazz trio, Massatrio

São Mateus Fort and Morro da Guia, in Cabo Frio, are highly Instagrammable

São Mateus Fort and Morro da Guia reveal surprising angles of the city of Cabo Frio seen from above.

Havaianas launches Biscoito Globo and Matte Leão collection

Havaianas partnership with Globo biscuits and Matte Leão tea will include slippers, t-shirts, sarongs, eco-bags, and others.

Cariocando: Liz Cocktails: A Cool Bar at Dias Ferreira

Located in Dias Ferreira, in Leblon, Liz Cocktails brings together a variety of drinks; there are more than 30 options, from originals to classics

Rio de Janeiro takes its first steps towards the Green Stock Exchange

The opening of an office in Rio for the AirCarbon Exchange, a carbon credit trading platform, is an essential step for Green Stock Exchange

Orla Rio launches activities calendar for the summer

The project is part of the Vai dar Praia platform and debuted on January 6th with classes and live music along with the 309 kiosks on the shore

Cariocando – Fresh & Good: the point of Summer 2022 in Ipanema

For Cariocando in Rio, Fresh & Good’s 3-story mansion is one that catches our attention from afar! A place with the face of summer, after the beach in Rio!

Spanta Festival postpones the first weekend of concerts

The festival organizers announced that concerts on January 7, 8, and 9 are being postponed and that the attractions scheduled for these dates are being rescheduled

Cury Construtora launches new development in the Port Zone

The new Porto Maravilha development will have 793 apartments of up to three bedrooms and comes right after the success of the Rio Wonder, which had all its 1224 units sold out in less than four months

1st Feira do Lavradio 2022 takes place on Saturday

The traditional Feira Rio Antigo, held every Saturday at Rua do Lavradio, is back this weekend, January 8th

With street carnival canceled, private parties in Rio charge more than R$2,000 for tickets.

Private parties that exorbitant charge prices gain strength in Rio with the cancellation of street blocks