Our Headquarters

The DIÁRIO DO RIO de Janeiro has an old-fashioned newsroom. In an 18th century building in the historical and culturally rich Arco do Teles, almost facing the former headquarters of the Empire of Brazil – the Paço Imperial, is located the newsroom of the Diário. Yes, that’s right, a physical and own newsroom for an online newspaper, located a few meters away from where its printed predecessor operated from 1821 to 1878. The building, built in the 18th century, underwent a major renovation in 1902, and now comes, intact but at the same time completely updated from the inside, into the 21st century.

With 14 meters facing the historical Travessa do Comércio and three floors with a ceiling height of more than 4 meters, DIÁRIO DO RIO restarted its trajectory celebrating its passion for Rio de Janeiro with a thorough restoration of the building where the old Bar Arco Teles used to be, and, before that, the firm J Ferreira & Martins (a grocery store). All this almost opposite the house where the little notable Carmem Miranda lived.

The Arco do Teles in four moments: in 2004, just before the traditional Bar Arco Teles closed; in 2014, the year we bought the building; in 1980, when the bar that used to make the most traditional mocotó in downtown Rio was still full of Stock Exchange employees; and, finally, in the 19th century, when the Diário do Rio was still in print

With two beautiful panels by bohemian painter Nilton Bravo on the wall, a bar all its own – the Bar do Diário – a podcast, radio, and video studio, a beautiful facade, and a newsroom with an ipê floor and Riga pine lining, the DIÁRIO DO RIO newsroom is a space dedicated to the history and culture of Rio de Janeiro. After all, downtown Rio is the cradle of Brazilian civilization.

And if there is a core downtown, this place is Praça XV (or Largo do Paço), surrounded by the historic Carmo Convent – where the Portuguese queen Dona Maria I died, the Imperial Palace, the Guanabara Bay, and the lively local gastronomic hub. The Arco do Teles is its greatest symbol, and that is why we chose to be here.

A thorough restoration designed by A+ Arquitetura, of Architect Manuel Fiaschi, and a very special interior design by interior designer Katia Peres have transformed the Diário’s newsroom into the most charming newsroom in the country, entirely dedicated to Rio de Janeiro. The building is listed as a historic building by IPHAN and is part of the architectural ensemble of the arrival of Dom João VI to Brazil. By the way, there you will find on the wall a decree with his signature. All this in a sustainable headquarters, where even rainwater is used.

The stonework of the blue building with red windows has seen much history and many things go by, as have the beautiful cobblestones of the Travessa do Comércio. In the newsroom building, we have a beautiful Val D’Osne fountain, one of those that in the 19th century adorned the residences and squares of the imperial capital; we wrote about them here.

There are seven doors in the first building to the right, where the Diário is located. And to get to the newsroom, the staircase also turns right. Whatever this means.