Orla Rio launches activities calendar for the summer

The project is part of the Vai dar Praia platform and debuted on January 6th with classes and live music along with the 309 kiosks on the shore

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With the arrival of summer and the resumption of tourism in the city, Orla Rio prepared a calendar of activities created especially for the season most loved by Cariocas. Since January 6th, the more than 300 kiosks located between Leme and Pontal have hosted more than 200 programs, including live music events such as singers Carlos Jacome, Larissa Henrique, Chris Carvalho, and Banda Do Disco ao Pop and DJ’s Tamires Dasinger and Rose Amorim, as well as sports and cultural activities.

We believe that this summer will be one of the centuries, with the resumption of tourism and also of spaces in the city by the Cariocas. And the ‘Vai dar Praia’ project was created precisely to celebrate the season and the return, providing unique outdoor experiences and contributing to making the 2022 summer the most memorable of all, with lots of music, sports, and gastronomy”, says João Marcello Barreto, CEO of Orla Rio.

Vai dar Praia also has a theme song of the same name, signed and performed by composer Ivo Meirelles and a podcast led by the musician. In the first program, Ivo met with names like MC Koringa, Andrezinho do Molejo, and chef João Diamante, from the Na Minha Casa restaurant. The episode is available on Orla Rio’s YouTube channel. For the next one, which will air on January 15th, Ivo will be with Andrezinho do Molejo, Buchecha, and his son, Ceejay. And, finally, in February, the third episode will feature Xande de Pilares, Sandra de Sá, and Zé Paulo Sierra.


The Vai dar Praia project also has weekly news bulletins about the summer that are shown on Orla Rio’s YouTube and TikTok profiles, with an agenda of events that will take place all over the beach, as well as gastronomy tips and activity reviews.

Service Vai Dar Parai (Going to the Beach):
Date: from January 6th
Time: sunset from 5 pm at selected kiosks, with DJ or street performers


06/01 (Thursday)
— from 6 pm — Mureta do Leme (Leme) — Carlos Jacome
— from 6 pm — Coisa de Carioca (Copacabana) — Chris Carvalho and the Banda Do Disco ao Pop
– from 6 pm — Rayz (Copacabana) — DJ Holiker
– from 1 pm – Owl Véia (Recreio) — Our summer Owl Véia with DJ Jonny K and guests

07/01 (Friday)
from 6:00 pm — Bells (Recess) — Sun sessions
Morena (Leme) — Live music Larissa Henrique

01/08 (Saturday)
from 6 pm — Sea of ??Copa (Copacabana) — Live music Larissa Henrique
– from 1 pm – Miami Beach Club (Barra da Tijuca) – Afternoon Miami Beach Club with DJ Tamires Dasinger

01/09 (Sunday)
— from 5 pm — Xodozin (Copacabana) — Sunset with DJ Rose Amorim
— from 2 pm — Lounge stop (Bar) — Pagode Show


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