Social Responsibility

More than being a source of entertainment, information and culture, DIÁRIO DO RIO seeks to contribute in a significant way to the evolution of Rio de Janeiro and its communities. We are entirely willing to listen and to deliver media that are relevant to the communities and their causes, and that help to remedy the difficulties faced by the people of Rio de Janeiro. Donating media for social, cultural, and institutional initiatives for entities that are strongly active in preserving the fauna, protecting animals and forests, and reducing hunger in the state of Rio de Janeiro is within our scope of social responsibility.

We have a great belief in the power of transformation of the news, and with editorial actions we can assume an increasing commitment of corporate responsibility to society. Consult DIÁRIO DO RIO about what we can do to promote the social action of which you are a part. We are willing to inform our more than 10 million readers about your cause, and to be sensitized to it. Submit your idea, your project or campaign to DIÁRIO DO RIO. We will analyze it, and we may join it!

We also analyze donating media to cultural projects and projects linked to the Brazilian and Rio de Janeiro’s historical heritage, as well as to Brazilian art, even if they are private initiatives, through the figure of Cultural Support or being Media Partners.

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