Rio Health Secretary confirms that Rio Carnival will have sanitary restrictions

Rio dramatically increased positive tests for Covid-19 and confirmed the second case of the Ômicron variant on Monday

Daniel Soranz | Foto: Rafa Pereira - Diário do Rio

Rio de Janeiro’s Health Secretary, Daniel Soranz, confirmed that the Carnival would have sanitary restrictions in an interview with CNN. The measures will still be defined by the City Hall of Rio and the scientific authorities.

Soranz stated that Carnival is an essential event for the city, but it is necessary to analyze the Covid-19 scenario during the first days of January.

The Municipality of Rio expects to analyze what will happen with Covid-19 in these first days of January, whether the Ômicron variant will increase expressive cases and cause more hospitalizations and deaths. At first, it seems to cause fewer serious cases than others. Let’s analyze it to give all the rules that will happen during Carnival. There will have to be some kind of sanitary rule, and it cannot be the same as the others”, said the health secretary.


This Monday afternoon (03/01), the city confirmed the second case of the Ômicron variant. In addition, a 16-year-old teenager tested positive for both Covid-19 and influenza in the town.

Also, on Monday, it was announced that the technical rehearsals of the samba schools were postponed because of the works on the Marquês de Sapucaí, which have not yet been completed, and because of the epidemiological scenario in the city. Rio de Janeiro showed a significant increase in positive tests for Covid-19.


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