Rio mayor talks about banning beer for non-vaccinated

In an irreverent tone, Eduardo Paes said that he will be inspired by the province of Quebec, Canada, which has forbidden marijuana and alcohol for those who have not been immunized against Covid-19.

Eduardo Paes, Rio Mayor `- Cleomir Tavares / Diario do Rio

Rio’s Mayor, Eduardo Paes, decided to play hard against those who have not yet been vaccinated against Covid-19 in the city of Rio. This Wednesday (12/01), the head of the municipal executive posted a message on Twitter where he said he was considering banning beer consumption. Still, precisely the traditional “litrão,” a can with a liter of beer so that they refuse to be immunized.

In an irreverent tone, Paes indicated that he will be inspired by the province of Quebec, in Canada, which has banned the consumption of marijuana and alcohol for the unvaccinated. Paes stated that he is weighing in on “taking this tram.”

Rio has 93% of those hospitalized for Covid in the city without a complete vaccination schedule, says Health Secretary

Among the 141 people hospitalized because of Covid-19 in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday (01/11), 93% of them do not have the complete vaccination schedule, 43% have not taken any vaccine, and 90% do not have any vaccine the booster dose. The information is from the Municipal Health Department of the city.


Of the 141 patients, according to the Covid Panel, 84 are hospitalized inwards and 57 in intensive care units.



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