Universo Spanta cancels the 6/1 show due to Covid-19 cases, and Duda Beat won’t go Friday

The opening of the Universo Spanta that would take place this Thursday was canceled due to cases of Covid- Singer Duda Beat also changing the date of the show

Foto: Ivanildo Carmo

The Universo Spanta would start this Thursday, 6/1, with a party just for guests, especially health professionals who would be honored. But now these professionals will have to choose other days, because some professionals from the singer and composer Lulu Santos’ team are with Covid and, therefore, the artist cannot perform the show. Facing this fact, the Universo Spanta decided to suspend the concerts on the 6th. Health professionals and guests who have the ticket will choose any other day to enjoy the festival.

The process will be simple: select the day of your choice and present your ticket. Necessary: it will be valid for one day of the festival. Once used, the QR Code on the ticket will expire.

On Friday, 1/7, singer Duda Beat communicated to the festival’s organization that she is with Covid and will not perform. Therefore, all people who bought a ticket for the 7th of Friday will be awarded an extra ticket for the 28th of January, the new date of the artist’s concert. This Friday, they perform on the three stages of the Spanta Universe: Gilsons, Marina Sena, Chico Chico, Bloco 442, Lamparina, Minha Luz is by Led, Marcelinho da Lua, and other attractions.


The process for those who have purchased a ticket for the 7th and want to return on the 28th of January is simple: send an email to contato@spanta.com.br, informing the email address, CPF, and telephone number registered on the platform. Join at the time of purchase. The organization will send the invitation for 1/28 to the user’s wallet next week.


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