With street carnival canceled, private parties in Rio charge more than R$2,000 for tickets.

Private parties that exorbitant charge prices gain strength in Rio with the cancellation of street blocks

Bloco Escangalha - Carnaval de Rua = Foto: André Lobo/Riotur

With the announcements, the blocks that parade through the streets of Rio de Janeiro will not be able to promote the traditional revelry in this Carnival due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ômicron variant; private parties promise to take over the Rio scene during this festive period. However, anyone who wants to participate in these events has to open their wallet. That’s because some attractions, including blocks that are banned from leaving, charge prices ranging from R$ 300 to almost R$ 1,000.

Information collected by O Dia, on Carnival Friday, an event with a ‘location to be defined’ charges tickets of up to R$ 520. Admission for the two days is R$350. The ‘We Make Better Days’ party has Pedro Sampaio and Pathy de Jesus in the lineup. On the other hand, Parque dos Atletas will have, on Sunday (26/02) and Monday (27/02), the festival ‘Carnaval das Artes’, with shows by Barões da Pisadinha, Luan Santana, Belo, Ferrugem, Wesley Safadão and others. 

Riocentro, one of the most traditional venues for concerts in the city, will have presentations by Anitta, Thiaguinho, Leo Santana, and others on Sunday (27), with tickets starting at R$700. Carnival Monday (28) has the event ‘ Baile da Purpurina,’ with tickets of R$440 and the presence of street blocks that cannot parade, such as Amigos da Onça.


The resumption of Carnival balls, without such exorbitant charges, is also a trend to make up for the absence of street blocks.


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